Calling for PRT Letters of Interest

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Every college has challenges, but the most proactive colleges take important steps toward identifying and confronting those issues early.

From enrollment decline to challenges in integrated planning, research, data, accreditation, and more, IEPI’s Partnership Resource Teams (PRTs) have already helped many of our colleges and districts develop solutions to their most pressing problems. The best part? The solutions then become part of the collective wisdom and capability of the California Community Colleges – 114 institutions strong.

But wait… there’s more! Grants of up to $200,000 in seed money are available to institutions that receive PRT visits and submit their Innovation and Effectiveness Plans. These funds help support implementation of solutions that institutions develop through the PRT process.

It’s not too late to initiate the PRT process on your campus this fall. But spots are filling up, so don’t hesitate to submit your Letter of Interest (LOI) today. Click here for more information on LOI format and submittal.

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