IEPI Evolution, Our Commitment to Professional Development and Technical Assistance

The inaugural meeting of the IEPI Advisory Committee was held in January 2015. In the past three years, IEPI has grown and evolved, both in size and in scope. We’ve overseen nearly 80 Partnership Resource Teams (PRTs) across the state. Our workshops have covered more than 40 different topics and have been presented to 4,000 attendees representing each of California’s 114 community colleges. We assisted in the rollout of California Guided Pathways. And our wonderful Advisory Committee now consists of 70 individuals, representing 22 statewide organizations.

During the January 2018 meeting, we spent time reflecting on how IEPI and its Advisory Committee have worked tirelessly on our areas of focus. We also discussed the Vision for Success adopted by the Board of Governors and its focus on redesigning the student experience. In addition, we discussed how the framework of Guided Pathways supports the goals laid out in the Vision for Success. Guided Pathways and the emergence of new efforts, like the Metrics Simplification Initiative, have given IEPI opportunities to direct our expertise towards making further substantial impacts on California’s community colleges.

January’s meeting allowed us to think about where we started, what we’ve accomplished, and what we’d like to do in the next few years. We conducted a brainstorming exercise concerning “IEPI 2.0” and produced dozens of suggestions. Using ideas from this exercise, and coordinating with other divisions in the Chancellor’s Office, we are developing IEPI 2.0 and look forward to sharing our refreshed goals with you in future communications.