Partnership Resource Team Assists Reedley College

“It’s not just about big things, it’s about doing all the small things well that ultimately lead to big changes.”

Dr. Baba Adam, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness at Merced College, served on a Partnership Resource Team (PRT) to help Reedley College with some outdated systems and processes. After reviewing the challenges Reedley was facing, the PRT realized that they didn’t have an administrative-level person to solve problems across the college. The PRT recommended upgrading the Research Analyst position to a higher level, allowing this position to work on higher-level challenges with the college leadership. Now, Reedley has such a position, reporting to the president, with the resources needed to address the college-wide process issues.

“If they hadn’t done what we recommended, they may have ended up on sanction and it would be a long hard road to get out of that kind of trouble,” says Dr. Adam, who has also participated in six ACCJC WASC accreditation visits. “They have an accreditation visit in March, and having this person in place will ensure they get that check-mark during the visit.”

There’s no bigger proponent of PRTs than Dr. Adam. When asked what he enjoys most about serving on PRTs, he said: “It’s a good professional development experience. No matter how much you know, it’s always helpful to go look at new problems from different perspectives, and I always learn something on these trips.” He also emphasized the impact and scope of PRTs for California community colleges. Dr. Adam’s experience on accreditation visits has given him a deep appreciation for the work that PRTs do. “I will continue to serve on PRTs because we are helping colleagues before they get into monstrous trouble.

Vice Chancellor's Column
February 16, 2018

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