PLN’s New Program, Toolkit Puts Focus on SEM

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Is your school suffering from flat or declining enrollment? If so, you are not alone. Many of our colleges are facing the same challenges and wondering how to improve enrollment and student success indicators. Fortunately, IEPI has a new Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Program to help your college address the enrollment and student success challenges it might be experiencing.

Part of the IEPI Professional Learning Network’s Applied Solutions Kit (ASK), the new SEM Program is a comprehensive, year-long training and coaching program designed by community college practitioners for community college practitioners.

The SEM Program gives participants the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the foundations of a holistic SEM framework; acquire the skills necessary to facilitate a team-led SEM plan, project, or initiative; and establish or improve existing, institutional, SEM strategies and practices.

According to Michelle Barton, Senior Director of Institutional Research, Planning, Effectiveness and Grants at Palomar College, and program co-lead for the RP Group, “Strategic Enrollment Management is about optimizing enrollments – facilitating student success and outcomes, while at the same time maintaining a college’s fiscal viability. Strategically, it is about understanding the community and [the] students a college serves and how best to serve them. It touches every aspect of a college’s operations.”

Participating colleges will join the SEM Program with SEM-related projects in mind, and will spend time during the SEM Academy in June 2018 clarifying and refining their projects. Highlights of the SEM program include: the two-day SEM Academy workshop; one year of support by a SEM coach; a mid point check-in convening for all attendees; and a final event where participating colleges can share their work and progress over the past year.

In addition to the SEM Program, IEPI’s Professional Learning Network offers a curated collection of SEM-related resources which are divided into three main categories: “Promising Practices,” “Foundational Elements,” and “Resource Guides.”

To view the SEM Applied Solutions Kit, click here.