PRT Success Story: Lake Tahoe Community College

It’s one thing to want smoother processes and better results, but real outcomes require real funding and real support. IEPI is an ambitious enterprise that depends not only on the dedication and legwork of its partner institutions, but also the fiscal ability to operate.

Having led one Partnership Resource Team and hosted another, Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) past President Kindred Murillo knows how much work – not to mention budget – it takes for an individual college to take meaningful strides. Murillo, a member of the IEPI Advisory Committee, credits the initiative for going beyond mere lip service, and putting its money where its mouth is.

“As one of my colleagues said, ‘How often do you bring in a consultant to help you that actually writes you a check?’” Murillo says. “The concept of having funding to jump-start the projects identified is a huge plus, and again reinforces the positive message.”

According to Murillo, IEPI’s focus on honest evaluation, real solutions and real results is what makes it so valuable to the California Community College system.

“The recent team at LTCC asked us several questions that made us really reflect on what we are doing for our students and campus through a different lens,” says Murillo, who was impressed by the visiting Partnership Resource Team’s genuine approach. “[It’s] very positive reinforcement for taking an honest look at how you are operating as a college.”