Theresa Tena

Theresa Tena, Executive Vice Chancellor

Facilitation Training in December 2017

In mid-December, the IEPI team participated in a two-day workshop to develop skills in facilitating: 1) Focused Conversations, 2) Consensus Workshops, and 3) Action Planning Processes. The Technology of Participation Facilitation Methods practitioners taught participants how to lead groups through these three primary exercises that help build teamwork through inclusive participation and draw out meaningful and actionable ideas.

This was a true WORKshop, in that all participants had an opportunity to play a leading role in the facilitation exercises. Everyone learned and practiced the methods of facilitation that ultimately make it easy for groups to be successful in these focused practices. This training was an important and helpful professional development activity that will improve IEPI planning and work management.

The IEPI team will be able to apply the skills and processes they learned to several work activities, such as planning scopes of work, leading and attending professional development workshops and events, and supporting IEPI work group initiatives. This training came at an opportune time, as IEPI has been planning new Guided Pathways workshops and an Inmate Education summit.

– Theresa Tena                                                                                                                                                                                  Executive Vice Chancellor of Institutional Effectiveness and Innovation