Ventura College’s Proactive Approach to Accreditation

“We knew we had an accreditation visit coming, but we had time, and we wanted to do it right,” said Ventura College President Dr. Greg Gillespie. “We did not want to experience the cycle of accreditation, recommendation, reaction and damage control.” To help get on track for its accreditation preparation, Ventura College enlisted the help of a Partnership Resource Team (PRT), a “colleagues helping colleagues” type of technical assistance that IEPI offers to colleges, districts and centers that express interest in receiving support on self-identified issues. At Ventura College, the PRT collaborated with administration, faculty and staff to develop plans to improve accreditation-critical processes, as part of the institutional self-evaluation, and to create an action project for the new accreditation expectation, the Quality Focus Essay (QFE). “The PRT process was very effective at starting the conversations at the college about accreditation that we knew we needed to have,” said Phillip Briggs, Dean of Institutional Equity and Effectiveness. “The PRT gave us what we wanted: a peer-based team that would be honest and non-judgmental, and would help us as we prepared for our accreditation visit,” added Dr. Kimberly Hoffmans, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

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